Anti-lock system, ABS

In case of total braking, the ABS system ensures that the wheels do not lock permanently.

Electro-pneumatic braking system, EBS

The stopping distance can be significantly reduced by the electro-pneumatic braking system (EBS), the additional support being provided by the brakes which are applied faster and more precisely.

Electronic Stability Control System, ESC

The ESC intervenes when it detects a loss of control over the vehicle by applying the braking system so that the driver regains control of the vehicle. It is a computerized technique for controlling and adjusting the dynamic stability of vehicles in motion, which ensures its improvement by detecting and minimizing drifting and skidding.

Reverse video camera

The external monitoring system allows an easy and convenient view of what is happening behind the car.

Interior space monitoring system

The internal monitoring system increases the level of safety, subjectively, both for the driver as for the passengers. The data is transmitted to the monitor in the driver’s work area so that, in the event of danger, he can react. The bus has icons indicating indoor video monitoring. The record remains stored in case situations need to be assessed.

Stop button on demand

The stop buttons on demand are clearly visible, easy to identify.