Comfort for


When your comfort is secured, the trip becomes a pleasure.

Low Floor

As simple and easy as possible, you go up and down in one step, with no effort.


The interior height is also comfortable for tall travelling passengers.

No obstacles

The hatch for baby buggy access or for passengers with reduced mobility, in wheelchairs, increases the accessibility of the bus. Inside you find the space that meets the needs of people with mobility disabilities.


The handy support and support bracket for standing passengers is provided from front to back, by stainless steel support bars, provided with protections with non-slip inserts and also for thermal comfort.


The passenger seats are very comfortable and the ergonomic upholstery makes them pleasant regardless of the season.


Wi-Fi and USB with 2 ports fixed in the area of each set of seats are modern facilities that ATP Bus provides to its passengers.


Every day we are so used to continuously receiving information that it is very unlikely that it will be missing on the journey with ATP Bus! The bus is equipped with a screen so that it can meet the need for information for its passengers.


The air conditioning on the ceiling is additionally used as a heat source during the cold season. Even at extremely low temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius, air conditioning is efficiently achieved.

Interior lighting

The interior lighting system has built-in LEDs that cover the entire ceiling, from front to back. The lighting also appears in the warning buttons when natural light disappears. The artificially lit interior space is pleasant and passengers feel safe as it is done evenly on the entire surface of the bus.