Product Data

Technical Data

Total length (mm) 12180
Width (mm) 2550
Total height (mm) 3450
Compartment (mm) 5900
Front / rear console (mm) 2800/3480
Passenger capacity (seated/total) 25/83
Maximum speed 80km/h


Electric engine DANA TM4
Engine manufacturer DANA PRESTOLITE E-Propulsion Systems
Power source Electricity
Power mode Charging from the power grid
Power rating 150kWh at 750rpm
Maximum torque 3329Nm at 250rpm
Ramp start capability (%) ≥20%
Emissions standard Zero
Autonomy (with a single charge) ≥200km

Detailed Technical Data

Electric engine Synchronous motor with permanent magnet Dana TM4, DANA PRESTOLITE
Battery CATL 242kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, water cooling, including VCCU242kwh (Vehicle Communication Control Unit)
Energy Distribution System Intelligent 4 in 1 Control System, IEVD162-54Z8.6BL-B17-E4A
Auxiliary Control System Electric air compressor with oil-free piston, RUILI 4 kW
Charging port Extern EU CCS Ⅱ
Front axle Front axle DANA GK BFA 81R for low floor, rated load 8T
Back axle Rear axle DANA GK BRA 132DC90 for low floor, rated load 13T
Braking system Service brake: Full WABCO double circuit pneumatic brake
Parking brake: Classic WABCO system, spring-operated, on the rear axle
WABCO electrically operated auxiliary braking system with energy recovery system
Brake system connections with quick coupling, without soldering
Lightweight aluminum air tank
Suspension Pneumatics; 2 front air cushions + 4 rear air cushions WABCO ECAS CAN2 System
Kneeling function
Steering Double assisted, electric-hydraulic: 4KW, BOSCH 8098ZF
Steering angle monitoring: BOSCH 7860
Steering wheel and steering column: manually adjustable; outer diameter 500 mm
Central lubrication system Automatic lubrication system
Tires / Wheels 275 / 70R22.5 tubeless / alloy wheels 22.5x8.25
A/C Electric air conditioning VALEO REVO-E GLOBAL, PTC, mounted on the roof
Heating system Yes
Defrost system Electric, 600V/240W
Front, rear and middle door Electrically operated double doors (door opening = 1200mm)
Floor Laminate floor
Windshield Laminated front windshield
Side windows Glued side windows
Passenger seats Confort type
Wheelchair ramp With manual operation, arranged at the middle door
Driver's seat Pneumatic, adjustable, with high backrest, with heating system, equipped with seat belt
Interior lighting LED strips with lighting dedicated to access ways
Rearview mirrors Electric mirrors with defrost system
Indoor clock Digital
Parasolar Side and front for the driver
Railings and ceiling bars Made of stainless steel, provided with protections with non-slip inserts and for thermal comfort
Audio system SD, USB, MIC, Radio
Indicator Interior guiding, LED, front / rear / side
Screen Color, diagonal 29cm
Monitoring system 5 cameras, 250Gb Hard Disk video storage
On-board computer ACTIA CAN BUS
Exterior color Metallic