ATP Bus EV90

Product Data

Technical Data

Total length (mm) 9205
Width (mm) 2500
Total height (mm) 3250
Compartment (mm) 4750
Front / rear console (mm) 2110/2345
Front / rear wheelbase (mm) 1935/1800
Angle of approach / departure (°) 8/11
Mass (kg) 7800
Maximum gross weight (kg) 12000
Front / rear axle (kg) 4500/7500
Max. no. of passengers 56
Standard seating capacity 24 seats + 3 folding seats + 1 driver's seat
Maximum speed (km/h) ≥70
Range (single charge) (km) >300km >300km
Hill-starting capacity(%) ≥15% ≥15%


Electric engine DANA TM4
Engine manufacturer DANA PRESTOLITE E-Propulsion Systems
Engine Permanent Magnet Synchronous Engine
Rated power 245kw
Maximum torque 3329 N.m - with ramp start assist
Battery 281 kwh Lithium iron phosphate battery with high voltage distribution system
Cooling system 5kw water cooling system
DC/DC、DC/AC converter and control system Yes
Electric power steering pump Yes
Electric air compressor Yes
Standard charging system CCS2

Detailed Technical Data

Front suspension Stabiliser bar
Front brake Brake disc
Rear suspension Stabiliser bar
Rear brake Brake disc
Wheels Aluminium alloy
TYRES 255/70R22.5 tubeless
Rim No spare tyre
A/C Electric air conditioning, roof mounted
Piping system Standard aluminium and plastic on roof and side walls
DE-ICING SYSTEM Windscreen de-icing system
HEATING Integrated into air conditioning system
FRONT DOOR / MIDDLE DOOR 1 front and 2 in the middle electrically operated
FLOOR PVC floor, anti-slip floor
SIDE WINDOWS Full sliding side window
PASSENGER SEATS Plastic seat with USB
DRIVER'S SEAT Adjustable driver's seat with high backrest, 3-point seat belt and USB
INTERIOR LIGHTS Roof light and aisle light
REAR-VIEW MIRROR Small rear-view mirrors
ROOF EMERGENCY EXIT Emergency exit with fan
INTERIOR CLOCK Digital clock
SUNSCREEN Front windscreen sunshade
Driver side curtain Yes
CURTAIN Side curtain
ROOF RAILS AND ROOF BARS Aluminium alloy railing, bumper
RADIO FM/AM radio (MP3)
INDICATION LED strips with dedicated path lighting
DISPLAY 9-inch colour reversing monitor
SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 4-camera recording system with 160GB hard drive
EXTINGUISHER Automatic fire extinguisher for engine and battery compartment
BODYWORK The strength structure is made of rectangular steel tubing