ATP Group since 1995

ATP Group is a reliable partner of carriers, working for over 25 years in the automotive field as a products and services supplier transport professionals. ATP Group is currently positioning itself as an integrator of mobility solutions for people and goods. Within the Group, ATP Trucks launches in 2019 as a manufacturer of road vehicles and passenger transport with 100% Romanian capital.

The continuous development projects of ATP Group have naturally led to the addition of innovative products to its portfolio, suitable for the automotive market of the future. Today, ATP Group can help increase car production nationwide, offering mobility solutions adapted to Romanian cities and beyond.

Why ATP Bus?

Upgrade for a better city.

ATP Group’s experience, openness to innovation and development, a very good understanding of the globalization phenomenon with all its benefits, opportunities, and challenges, last but not least the need for sustainability for the future’s products: all this has led to the emergence of ATP Bus as an alternative in the process of modernizing urban public transport.

The electric bus is a competitive product, adaptable to local urban transport requirements.


1. Optimal configuration:

– autonomy of 200 km that can be extended up to 360 km

– capacity of up to 95 seats

2. Low maintenance costs

3. Dedicated suppliers for basic components

4. European approval